Construction Progress/Draw Review Services
Our experience in commercial, civic, medical, religious, and retail projects has required us to accurately
represent the owner during the construction administration phase process, and evaluate pay application
requests.  With this experience we have completed countless construction observations in our careers, for
lending institutions including Southside Bank, Nexbank & Wells Fargo.  Our vast and varied architectural
experience is a rich source of knowledge, making a natural fit for any lending institution.  In the last three
years, we have reviewed and inspected construction projects in total valuation exceeding $500 million in
construction costs.  These projects have included new construction, renovations, and additions.
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K+K Associates, LLP
Construction Progress/Draw Review Services
added to any inspection beyond each 50 miles from our Arlington Office.

(One time) Project Start-up Fee: $ 300.00

Inspection Fee: $400.00 minimum per Inspection/Report, depending on project size and scope. (Plus mileage
increase fee, as determined for each project.)

Upon notification of your need for an inspection and supplying us with all needed draw documentation,
spreadsheet, or AIA Application and Certificate for Payment Form G702, we will complete, within 3 days
(sooner if needed), an inspection report,  including a narrative explanation of the project’s progress and dated
digital photographs in pdf format.  The report will then be emailed or mailed to you, or by your preferred
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