Word, Excel and Adobe Acrobat Professional, to
assist this process. K+K Associates follows up on
any outstanding compliance issues, to insure final
close-out of each project. We regard open
communication with the architect, owner, and
construction contractor as an essential tool in
assuring a fully accessible project. There are
challenges in managing projects, as in any
interactive business. Occasionally projects that
have not been reviewed before construction was
completed, need to be inspected. This opens the
owner to a great deal of vulnerability. The state
requires a late fee and the project contact in this
instance (usually the owner) may be frustrated
with the process and requirements. We strive to
assure the client that the RAS’s responsibility is to
prevent potential problems from non-compliance
with accessibility regulations, not to add to their
potential liability. State law says that the Owner
inevitably can be fined up to $5,000 per day, per
item on all outstanding issues. Fortunately, the
design community is now extremely well-educated
in accessibility standards. This makes the
communication process between all consultants
(architects and engineers) and the RAS a much
more seamless route to a successfully completed
K+K Associates, LLP is a small, securely managed
partnership relying on a wide knowledge and
experience base, as well as implementation of
technology for organization, quality control, and
project management.  Accessibility barriers
projects to be reviewed are required to be
accompanied by construction documents (generally
both specifications and drawings), and each K+K
RAS is fully qualified and registered to review as
well as inspect all types and sizes of projects. We
track each project’s status using computerized
spread sheet technology, including all pertinent
project information, fees, and notification of key
dates. This information appears on many pieces of
documentation; our procedure includes
programming that requires entering the pertinent
information only one time, minimizing the
opportunity to input erroneous data. After an
incoming project is logged into K+K Associates
system, the review is assigned to a Registered
Accessibility Specialist, fees are determined,
project information is entered, and the architect
and owner are notified of the review results, by
email via .pdf as well as by mail. The results are
reported to the Texas Department of Licensing and
Regulation, along with the necessary state filing
fee, as required of each RAS for every registered
project. After construction is complete, and a
project has been inspected, the owner, architect and
state are once again notified of the results by email
and letter. Software used includes Microsoft Office
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